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Frequently Asked Questions

We're located in Russia, Ekaterinburg.

All our products with up-to-date prices are on this website. If you can't find a product on the website — we don't produce it.

Production department doesn't work during weekends and holidays. It takes 1-3 business days for production. 

We send products by post only after reciving 100% payment for the order and chosen shipping type.

Question: Should I use photos only from Instagram?

Answer: No, you can download photos from your computer or your phone or tablets.

Question: What are the requirements for the photos?

Answer: The minimum size photo for most products is 612x612px and the maximum size photo is 6MB.

Question: I want a pillow of another size, is it possible?

Answer: No, we create products only of those sizes, which are mentioned on our website.

Question: Do you ship to [your location here]?

Answer: Yes, unless you're on the moon, another planet or anothes dimension. We can ship an order to any country!

Question: Can I expedite my order?

Answer: Yes, We can definitely expedite your order! (For an additional charge.)  Consult our manager Viber, WhatsApp: +7(922)220-65-36 before proceeding with the payment.  

Question: Can I use rectangular photos in my order?

Answer: No, we use only square photos on our products. In case you've downloaded rectangular photos our manager would either cut it or would add some spaces in order to make it square.

Question: I am not happy with my order!

Answer: If we made a mistake while preparing your order - we will reprint your order or refund you in full if you are unhappy with the quality of your prints. Just email us at info@48blankets.com with a description of the issue and some photos of your prints taken in natural light. If you are unhappy with the product because of the poor quality of your initial photos there will be no refunds.

Question: It's not my first order in you shop. I want a discount!

Answer: We can offer a discount only when you have more than one of our products in one order.

Question: What are pillows made of?

Answer: The fabric is — fleece. The filler — sintepon.

Question: Can you fix my image if it is pixelated or if I want to cut something from the photo?

Answer: Unfortunately no. We print images the way you send them to us.

Question: What is your privacy policy with regards to the use of my images?

Answer: Check out our terms of use. But the short version is - we’ll never use your images in any manner other than to print them for you.

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